About - AROSE
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About the Site

AROSE Online was started on the premise of having an open platform to be able to share our writing, thoughts, opinions, jokes, and absolutely anything that comes to mind. Providing both, satirical thoughts as well as in-depth analysis, AROSE Online gives our writers the opportunity to share exactly how they feel on a public platform with no limitations . All of our writers are real fans of what we discuss, whether it’s sports, music, movies & TV, comedy, or anything in between, AROSE Online provides A Real Opinion on Sports & Entertainment for our readers.


About the Owner, ARose

I decided to build this site for all the reasons mentioned above, especially to create a platform to express my opinions you are dying to hear about. I attended college in the Baltimore area, graduated in four years, and accepted a job after taking a month off.  I am still working today, but needed something of my own, that I have full control over to keep a fire in my belly that not even Pepcid can fix. Fan of UGA, Phillies, and Chicago Bulls. Read my stuff, or not, up to you.

Welcome to AROSE Online,